How Will You Survive?

A stray wolf was found on Conall pack land and this wolf carried an illness. This illness caused this wolf to go on a rampage on the full moon, killing three hikers before Conall pack members could capture him and get him into a cell in their pack house basement. When this stray turned back into human form, he had no recollection of what he had done. His body temperature is rising and his eyes turned slowly from pink to red, seeming to fill with blood. He has no control over his shift and within just a few days, he's progressed to the point where no wolf can go near him. It's too risky. One Conall pack member did think he saw a bite mark on the stray's arm but that's the only clue anyone has so far. This illness is unlike anything the wolves have ever seen before and the alphas from both packs were forced to meet and talk about what should be done. The fear is that this stray was not the only one effected. If that is true it could mean trouble for the wolves in town. Both packs are now scrambling, searching for more of the afflicted and trying to figure out what to do. As of now, there is no known cause or cure.

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Member List
Name Level Group Joined Posts Photo
ALEX CHASER Members 6-July 18 1
DAMIEN WARD Hunter 20-June 18 1
DANIELLE LEE Hunter 20-June 18 4
DECLAN O'CONNOR Human 27-June 18 1
EMILY CONROY Stray Wolf 20-December 14 104
Illya Craske Stray Wolf 9-July 18 2
JAMES FITZGERALD Stray Wolf 27-June 18 1
LOVENIA FINCH Lykaios Pack 13-June 18 5
MACKAYLA BLAKE Conall Pack 20-June 18 10
OCTAVIA TCHAIKOVSKY Conall Pack 19-June 18 4
REMILE WINSTON Human 21-June 18 9
ROAN D'ILARGIA Lykaios Pack 28-June 18 7
SAMMIIE Admin 8-July 18 7
SEBASTIAN CRAIG Conall Pack 2-June 16 11
Testy McTestface Members 8-July 18 0
VIOLET Admin 1-December 14 93
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